Cheap Table Top Fridges

Table top fridge performs in the same manner as a normal fridge. The difference is the smaller size, depending on your circumstances will be a benefit. Though you may be searching for a table top fridge, other fridges that are described as a Small Fridge or a cheap Mini Fridge may well suit requirements.

There are a number of companies that make tabletop fridges. Most of these manufactures have a been in existence for many years and are well renowned for quality. Companies that produce table fridges include Coolzone, LEC, and Fridemaster. All have an excellent reputation for producing appliances of the highest order and innovation.
There are a quite a few reasons as to why someone may want to purchase a table top fridge rather then a regular fridge.
It could be that there is a limited space in the home, perhaps living in a small apartment. With less space, a small appliance like a table top fridge will enable refrigeration needs to be met without taking too much space.
For some people a mini table top fridge is a good device to have in the home as a secondary fridge. It may be that the main fridge is not sufficient to store all your food items, a table top fridge allows excess food to be kept in a cool environment.
Someone may be living in an apartment or the home as a single occupant or as a couple. With less people there is a lower requirement for refrigeration space, it is quite logical to use a table top fridge in such a situation. Why waste money on a bigger and expensive fridge if it is not to used to the full capacity? Also operating a bigger fridge will have a greater impact on fuel bills and it makes sense to use a smaller fridge.
The small size of a table top fridge enable it to act as a personal fridge. Can be placed somewhere like the bedroom for example. A good idea if someone is living in in a house-share, allows them to have a fridge for their own personal use. It is ideal for students who may be sharing a home, perhaps in a dorm setting.
As a smaller fridge the consumption of energy is considerably lower then a regular fridge. Now with the onset on a recession and the downturn in the economy, people are seeking to reduce budgets. Purchasing a table top fridge will not only help with budget plans, the cost of such a fridge is lower which further helps to save money.
A table top fridge can be a suitable fridge for the work place with a small number of employees. Compared to the home, minimal food and beverages are stored at work thus making it an ideal fridge.
There are people who need a fridge outside the home or work. For example people in a boat, a caravan or a camping trip sometimes seek to purchase table top fridges.
Table top fridge prices start from around £80 ($120), its a good idea to look at a number of stores since the price can vary considerable from store to store. It can be purchased in high store outlets from the well known brands like Dixons', Curries, Argos or Walmart to the Smaller Independent Stores. Visiting the store you can see the fridges for yourself to get the best idea of how they look and may fit in your home or work environment.
Purchase can also be made over the internet at Stores specialised Online Portals such as Amazon. Buying goods over the internet tends to be cheaper then making a purchase at retail stores in shopping centres or malls. It is as a result of incentives provided to the customer to buy over the Internet as retailers build their Online presence and portfolio.
Also with Online stores there is less of an overhead involved: no physical bricks and mortar store is required, Online retailers are able to pass on additional discounts. Amazon is highly recommend if you are seeking to buy on the Internet, they have a wealth of experience in Online commerce, and you can rest assure the brand has amoung the best of reputations.
You may also want to review the auction website ebay, prices here are often lower then the high street outlets.

In addition to Coolzone, LEC, and Fridemaster, Dawoo, and Zanussi also manufacture tabletop fridges. Again these are reputable brands that produce high quality consumer electronic goods.
Many tabletop fridges are similar in terms of size and appearance though there are slight differences in weight. They have sufficient space to hold the most essential of items. Typically you'd find a couple of shelves for stocking food stuffs like ready meals, poultry, vegetables, and so on. Like a regular fridge, there is space for holding cartons and bottles, but on a smaller scale. One very popular model is the coolzone table top fridge. Click here for comparisons and reviews of tabletop fridges.